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!!! Halloween Contest 2021 - Results

Update of 15.11.2021:  

Dear parents, dear students,


First of all, thank you to those who participated in the contest and thank you to the parents for voting!


The big winners of this competition are: Mrs. Catherine's students! CONGRATULATIONS to them!


A reward will arrive in your class sometime next week. A reward that will allow you to keep a memory of this contest and this dreadful and terrifying  victoire !  


IND professors


Dear Parents,


As you all know, the Halloween party is fast approaching. To open the festivities, we launched a contest for all classes: decorate their door on the Halloween theme.

Your children have taken up the challenge! Thanks to them our corridors are so well decorated that even ghosts and vampires dare not cross them.


Who says contest, says winner and we need YOU!


Now it's up to you to vote, to choose the most terrifying door. To do so, you just have to like the photo (click on the heart, to the left of each image, scroll through the photos, there are 16 in total) of the door you like the most. Enlarge the photos with a simple click and the doors will look even scarier!


To your votes! 😈

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