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The projects in the section  kindergarten


In this section, you will find the projects set up to develop students' skills in terms of knowledge and know-how.

Our projects

Here are some photos taken in the different kindergarten classes in our school.

Educational and fun activities to develop knowledge, know-how and well-being
Why is preschool important? 

Development of knowledge,  know-how and well-being

From kindergarten your children have fun while working in  the various workshops created by the teachers,  carry out activities, cool crafts and play in  joy and good humor. 

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Development of autonomy


Kindergarten is very important in their learning  from an early age, it helps them to become independent,  also for their social level to learn to live together, but also to prepare them for primary school.​​

Nos expositions...

Durant l'année, nous travaillons sur de nombreux projets à thème avec les enfants. Souvent ces derniers débouchent sur des expositions. Les enfants sont fiers de pouvoir présenter leur travail à leurs parents ainsi qu'aux classes des deux écoles. 

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