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Projects in the primary section


In this section, you will find the projects set up to develop students' skills in terms of knowledge and know-how.

Our projects

Here are some photos taken in the different primary classes in our school.

Educational and fun activities to develop knowledge, know-how and well-being

Development of knowledge,  expertise

Solicit the imagination, stimulate reflection and develop critical thinking about these observations, leading the student to understand and act on his environment.


Development of autonomy


Driving the student  to exercise a set of interactive skills, mental processes, ways of learning and relational attitudes, directly usable in the construction of their knowledge.


Development of their well-being, their active participation in life in society


The school party at the IND

Every year, when the weather starts to get nice again, kindergartens and primary schools invite parents to come to school for a day.

In the program  : Decoration, disguise, dance, games, music and a few things to nibble and drink. There is something for every taste. The team has been preparing for this moment that everyone is waiting for for months. The children rehearse for several weeks their chosen dance following a common theme  : cartoon, musical comedy music, countries of the world, Belgium,…

In short, it's a festive moment that sometimes reserves a few surprises like the teachers' dance...

It is also a very important event for our two schools because it allows us, with the money collected during the day, to have a budget to buy new equipment for the school, to be able to give a facelift to the playground, 


The children's carnival in the school  

A little fun time with the kids. They all celebrate together and the best costumes parade on a small stage to the cheers of the public and a hyper-motivated presenter.  The winning student receives a large packet of candy for their entire class.


Christmas party  / Christmas market

Each year, the two schools come together for the Christmas party. It is a moment of sharing and conviviality. All the classes participate by singing or by preparing a small show taking up the story of the birth of Jesus.  During this period, the children make little crafts or little sweets to snack on. Parents are invited to come and drink a little hot chocolate, eat a little cookie or discover and buy a little Christmas craft.  The children are so proud to show off what they have prepared. It also allows the school to have a budget for useful expenses in the school for the children.


Thursday and Friday educators

The team of supervisors had the idea of making Thursday and Friday lunchtimes more fun. Two educators come to animate the playground and offer them little games but also to dance.

In this way, we want to teach children the importance of certain values such as respect for others, dialogue, communication. We want them to learn in a variety of ways that there are a multitude of possibilities for living together in fun, without violence.

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