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Our establishment and educational project

The school and educational project can be found in the  parents booklet which can be downloaded by clicking on the icon  "PDF"
Our educational project is that of a Christian school.

Why and how is our school Christian?
  •   His teaching refers to the Gospel
  • It gives meaning to life
  • It helps children thrive
  • It wants to be a united and fraternal community
  • It prepares children to engage in the society of tomorrow with a view to improving it  
The school will achieve these objectives if the parents, who are primarily responsible, complete this project with the same educational concern at home.

How does our school's teaching relate to the gospel?
  • By teaching the child to serve and love others
  • By helping to accept others as they are
  • By striving to get to know each student to help them love what they do
  • By forming a fraternal community by his example and by his word

How does school give meaning to life?
  • By ensuring everyone's full development
  • By motivating service to others
  • By helping each child develop their faith
  • Being respectful of other opinions

What does the school do to help children thrive?
  • She gives them reasons to live
  • She encourages them to progress without rejecting anyone and by valuing the slightest effort.
  • It promotes welcome, friendship, reconciliation and sharing
  • It makes every effort to develop the abilities of each child through comprehensive education and the organization of numerous sports and socio-cultural activities.
  • It promotes independence
  • The children stay two years in the same class, in primary school, in order to get to know them better and to be able to better adapt our activities (differentiation, etc.)
  • She learns the game
  • She organizes workshops in cycle

What attitudes make our school a united and fraternal community?
  • Respect, listening, dialogue, trust, mutual aid, special attention to the less privileged, co-responsibility, participation of all in the project, honesty and quality of human relations between pupils, parents, teachers and educational team
How does our school prepare children to engage in tomorrow's society with a view to improving it?
  • Through dynamic teaching, she leads them to act competently
  • By learning to take charge
  • Through accountability and a taste for effort
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